Disinfection Services – COVID 19 - Syscom
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Disinfection Services – COVID 19

Based on our expertise and experience, SysCom has been contracted to provide disinfection services to combat COVID-19. These preventative maintenance services are also beginning to encompass decontamination.

Because the majority of our programs take place in high-traffic facilities, SysCom is already familiar with taking measures to prevent the spread of disease from person to person. In addition, our experience at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has familiarized us with the necessary precautions to take when cleaning areas likely contaminated with live viruses/bacteria, and our experience on the Initial Flight Training program has provided us with valuable experience cleaning and disinfecting food-service areas, medical facilities, exercise areas, and housing areas, all of which present special challenges.

When possible without impacting operational requirements, our personnel close off and hang signs in areas suspected to be contaminated (for example, a private office used by one person who is experiencing symptoms) and wait 24 hours before disinfecting, IAW CDC recommendations. Surfaces are first cleaned of any visible dirt or contamination using a solution of detergent and water, then disinfected using a bleach solution. If bleach is expected to damage a surface (for example, a marble counter), our janitorial personnel use an alternative solution formula labeled for eradication of COVID-19 and safe for the surface.