Range Operations Support & Services - SysCom
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Range Operations Support & Services

At SysCom, we provide superior Range Operations, Support and Services – underpinned by our capability to maintain a safe, effective, active and available Range. Our Support begins at the mission level by collaborating with and supporting our customer in defining Range requirements. Our Support and Services goes further to include providing operational readiness for the Range and its stakeholders.

Through our experience, we continually deliver operational readiness for an array of active Range requirements. Our specific Range experience encompasses Range testing, coordination, operations and maintenance. Examples of our testing capabilities include ballistic test design in explosive and pneumatic ballistic tests including fragmentation testing, protective housing testing, and materials penetration testing. We further achieve operational readiness through the daily provision of support services, underpinned by safety practices and procedures. Our total Range Operations, Support and Services service offering includes:

  • Test Range Maintenance and Operation
  • Range Technical Services
  • Research, Development, Test and Evaluation (RDT&E) Support
  • Hazardous Materials Management
  • Chemical Acquisitions
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We maintain current experience and expertise in sensors, providing insight into the number and placement of several types of sensors depending on the data collection requirements. Once the data collection requirements are identified, we determine the type of sensor to be used and the support structure needed to mount the sensor. We support and utilize an array of sensors, and we recognize the importance in selecting the right tool for the job. Our Team assesses several criteria to best capture data for the various range tests, and could be affected by range infrastructure, blast size, location on test range, data acquisition equipment availability, and range schedule and priorities.

Our Range Operations, Support and Services begins and ends with safety. We complement this offering with proven expertise in operating, supporting and maintaining an active Range environment. We understand and technically execute on several Range requirements, including set-up and use of instrumentation, firing lines, firing system video, range safety cameras, and data acquisition equipment. Through this approach, we deliver an effective, active and available Range environment for our customers.